First Time

Salon Moov

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's kittens. They're bold and playful, and have a gleam in their eyes that suggests they'll conquer the world -- directly after their nap. When I heard about the new hair salon off the Main, Salon Moov, and its Bengal cats, I knew I'd have to visit.

Salon Moov ( was founded in 2010 by Jean-Marc Richer and Yves Pednault and reportedly struggled with establishing a client base in its first few months. Then they brought in some Bengals they were babysitting for a friend, and the sight of the kittens in the picture window suddenly had all sorts of passersby dropping in.

Indeed, the first thing we saw on our visit was a gorgeous golden leopard on the window seat. I hadn't met a Bengal cat before, but I was quickly enamoured of the breed, which is a cross between the domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat (each of the cats is borrowed from a licensed breeder). The 'leopard' was very elegant, with her golden brown hues and regal air.

Inside, there was one other Bengal (the number of cats and kittens in residence changes regularly), a frisky marbled silver kitten.

While the older cat was content to be petted and then resume her watch at the window, the younger was into everything, from my hair as it was cut, to our scarves, to the sash on a trench coat. He provided an agreeable distraction, and before I knew it I was sporting a lovely new hairdo and hadn't even realised my turn was over. As Yves says, it's 'zootherapy' at work!

I was headed to a masquerade party that night, but even after dressing up and having my makeup done, I still couldn't match the effortless beauty of those Bengals - except maybe for my lovely new hair!

January-February 2014

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